Sunday, 8 March 2015

Nails Inc. Worth the price?

Hello my beauties:)

Today I wanted to share with you 2 nail polishes from Nails Inc. This is not my recent purchase, I own them for quite a while as now these polishes come also in different packaging.

I have 2 summery shades - Haymarket (the teal) and Floral street (the white), the colours are absolutely stunning for me. The formula is great, thick, goes smoothly and there is no need for second coat. What I love the most about these nail polishes is the lasting power. It holds up very well for at least one week without top coat.

What I don't like about these polishes is the brush. It's a way too big, so it makes super uncomfortable to apply it. Also I noticed that after some time the bristles of the brush become like even more "fluffy" and harder to control, so I started to apply the polish with a random small brush that I had (maybe I just have too small nails and it's only me who finds it inconvenient to apply). Still I would prefer the brush to be smaller.
And of course the price... I am not the person who spends crazy money on nail polishes, to me 15 euro for a bottle is quite a lot. But as a conclusion I want to say that it's worth it. It's a great nail polish and the bottle will last - it doesn't dry out, and as I mentioned one coat is absolutely enough for a rich colour look. I think it's a good investment.   

Have you tried Nails Inc? What do you think about it?      

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