Sunday, 25 October 2015

Moved. Not lost

Hello my lovely readers:)

I am so sorry I was not writing here anything for almost half a year... I had some changes and twists in my life that blogging turned to be impossible. I hope now everything will be different and I'm about to take a decision to become a full time blogger.

I want to thank everybody who liked my blog, who was visiting and reading my posts. I do appreciate that. And so for the beginning I moved my blog and my new writings are and going to be at . Please visit, subscribe, like or share my new blog and social media, I hope you will like it. My new posts are on their ways, I'm planning to publish 2 times a week and have some amazing projects to do. 

Thank you one more time and I hope you have a great weekend.



Saturday, 16 May 2015

The most used this month

Hello beauties:)

As I mentioned in my last post I have some changes in life what I'm absolutely happy about. I finally found a job I like very much and feel that my targets and dreams are coming true.
It's really hard to find some time for blogging cause I spend the way too many hours at work... But I'm going to find that time to do the thing I enjoy.
I haven't been using much make up, I was reaching mostly for natural look. On top for me was my Inglot  AMC Cream Foundation, which can last and stay in place for many hours. As I mentioned in my Inglot products and reviews post, this foundation makes my skin flawless, covers my imperfections and has very light texture. The disadvantage I noticed these days is that it cannot take the heat. If the day is hot (quite often in Greece this time of the year) the foundation melts and makes me look shiny. So I'm on a hunt for a product that can stand the hot weather and have some SPF. Can you recommend me something?
The only concealer I am using now is Estee Lauder Ideal Light Brush-on Illuminator. It is very good. It's light but thick enough to cover my dark circles. It lasts for all day and is not afraid of heat. I believe Estee Lauder stops producing this product...That's a pity.
For my cheeks I cannot get enough of Clinique Cheek pop. Pretty, pretty, pretty! The packaging, the colour, formula and lasting power are amazing. It's not crazy pigmented which I like about the blush. I can easily build it up to the intensity I want.
The brush of the month for me was Kiko Face 107. I use it for blending my foundation and it's great. It is just perfect pair with my Inglot foundation, the finish is super flawless.
I clean my brushes with Sephora Daily Make up Brush Cleaner (my full review here) almost every day now. My skin has some break outs now, so I'm more careful about cleaning my brushes in a proper way with shampoos, but this spray is perfect for every day. I'm sure now I will repurchase it.
Mascara of the last few weeks was my newly discovered Inglot False Lash Effect Mascara. Just great, stays all day, doesn't fall off or anything. The volume I was looking for I found in this one, there is no need for me to purchase an expensive mascara any more.
Before running my giveaway with bareMinerals eyeshadow duos I had to buy one for myself... And I fell in love with the colours and texture. Minty green and deep brown are just perfect, very buildable and looking very natural on the lids. It's easy to create a beautiful look with only these 2 colours. The pigmentation is amazing. 

I'm looking forward for your comments and opinions. Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My little life update

Hello beauties:)

I'm so sorry I was not writing anything here for about 2 weeks. I started new job, moved and not really have any access to Internet... I guess my adapting period is almost over, so I will be blogging like usual few times a week.

I would like to share my new place, cause it's one of the most beautiful corners of Greece and a famous resort. It's Porto Carras.

My new beauty posts are coming soon as beauty is everywhere and inspiration in the air...
Thank you, my darlings, for understanding  

Sunday, 26 April 2015

6 months of blogging and 6 reasons why I'm doing it

Hello beauties:)

It's been 6 months since I started blogging and I feel proud that I'm still doing it. I am so impatient that I usually quit everything good I start. I want to share with you my top 6 reasons why I'm so much into blogging.

Make up addiction

I've always had a lot of cosmetics. I never felt sorry to spend on Dior lipstick or foundation, there is always Chanel perfume in my collection... I just never thought to share it with others, I feel very happy that I finally started blog and not only writing reviews on brands' sites.


I love chatting about make up, beauty, fashion, travels... And that's what blogging gives - you find people from all over the world with the same interests, different opinions and similar targets. I love seeing people commenting on my posts, agreeing or disagreeing with me, making me more happy about what I'm doing.  


Writing was always my thing and blogging lets me write the way I like, the way I see it... Probably I make a lot of mistakes cause English is not my native language, but I learn and feel free to use the words I want.
To tell you the truth I was not reading many blogs before I started to blog myself. But now I follow and read so many wonderful blogs from all around the planet.


I am far away from being professional at photography. But I know for sure that I love this thing and definitely I'm better now from the point I was when I started. Getting interested in photographing made me learn a lot and I hope to learn more. I finally learnt some things about Photoshop and some other editing places.


These are the things I don't have enough. But I believe blogging helps me with them. I don't find it a trouble any more to sit and write for an hour or read a book without checking my Facebook every 10 minutes. I'm not scared to press that scary button Publish like I was before.


And still blogging is just a hobby for me. Maybe one day it will become a business for me, but at the moment - it's just another thing I like doing. And it combines everything I mentioned above that I absolutely love.

I hope you all have a beautiful sunny day. Thank you for stopping by:)

Thursday, 23 April 2015

My destination wishlist #1

Hello beauties:)

Hope you are fine. As I was mentioning before I spend as much time for travelling as I can afford, I believe travelling is one of the best thing in life that can happen. Unfortunately now I cannot afford as many trips as I would like to, so I'm spending time on planning my next trips, looking for destinations, inspirations and impressions. I wanted to share with you some of my top destinations I hope to visit soon. There so many of them for me so I decided to do my posts in some parts and mention only the top ones. In today's post I want to share my top 3 for America.

America (and North and South)


On my top from American continent is to visit USA, cannot really say which place first. It is so huge with such variety of landscapes and skyscrapers. Every corner has something interesting I believe, and the snows of Alaska and the desert of Colorado.
If I ever get the chance to have a road trip around the States, that would be great. If no, and my wishlist must shrink, definitely I will leave there cities like New York and San Francisco, for nature landscapes - Yellowstone National park and beaches of Hawaii.


I've been doing some research about Peru back at my university years, and I was really impressed of the heritage this country has. On my top, of course, is Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of New World, the amazing centre of Inca civilisation. It is not the only place of Peru that is worth visiting, country preserved the most unique examples of ancient American architecture and engineering.

Dominican Republic

Who is not dreaming about some relaxing holidays on the beach in paradise? That's how I see the Caribbean islands, like the most exotic and beautiful place on Earth. Definitely, it's not only Dominican Republic that I would like to visit of all Caribbean islands, but Dominican Republic is famous for that mixture of cultures, historical heritage and highly developed tourism industry.

I have never visited American continent, but I will go with the first chance that happens and hope to visit these places. What  is on top for you to visit?   

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Sephora makeup brush cleaner

Hello beauties:)

When it gets to cleaning my makeup brushes I feel so bored (not only me I believe). So during my last visit at Sephora I saw this little bottle which promises to be antibacterial daily brush cleaner with no need to rinse. To be honest the thing that made me buy it was the price, with an offer it was less than 2 euro.

For the lazy person like me it's a great find, it does its job really good. It's very easy to use - after spraying it few times straight into the bristles of the brush I just wipe it with clean piece of cloth or paper towel. It smells quite good - like a pear to me, it has a slight smell of alcohol but it's not annoying or anything. The brushes can be used right after cleaning.
I'm really happy about this purchase, it's very convenient for the mornings when you have no time but you want to be sure your brush is not full of bacteria. Anyway, from time to time I try to clean them more properly - with gentle shampoo and warm water, but for every day I love this spray!

What do you use to clean your brushes? Thank you for stopping by:)    

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

My top 5 most visited posts

Hello beauties:)

Today I'm happy to announce that this my № 50 post. I've been blogging for almost half a year now and it became the best hobby I've ever had. I want to share today my 5 most visited posts.


The most visited by you guys was my February favourites post. The brands mentioned - Kiko Cosmetics, Sephora, The Body Shop and Versace.


Not expected from me but my Review on Insta Natural Youth Express Eye Gel got a lot of views. Thank you again, Insta Natural for sending me this wonderful product.


Sharing with you my bedroom interior was a new experience on my blog. I'm glad you liked it. You can check it out here - What the sweet dreams are made of 


The post about the famous and expensive nail polishes got a lot of attention, thank you guys!!! If you like to check it out - Nails Inc. Worth the price?


The last in my top 5 is My small Italian pleasures where I mention my accessories bought in Italy.

Thank you guys for supporting me, visiting my blog and leaving your comments. I appreciate that really much and it inspires me for new stories, pictures and journeys.