Thursday, 2 April 2015

Versace Red Jeans

Hello beauties:)

I hope you are all fine and enjoying beautiful April. I was not blogging for a while and missed it very much. I would like to share with you today my thoughts on Versace Red Jeans EdT. I did mentioned it before in my February favourites, but I believe it deserves the post on its own.

First, the packaging I find great. I adore this metal pack where the bottle is. I simply enjoy looking at it on my table, the red makes a contrast with usual pastel colours in my room.

It's very hard thing to describe the scent with words, and I think different people feel it differently. The fragrance itself is what is called powdery. Before whenever I was hearing such a description I couldn't imagine the scent. But from the first try I would say: yes, it is powdery. I'm not good at understanding the top notes or base notes, on the website I found that it has for top notes - apricot, peach and freesia. I believe I feel freesia mostly, cause it seems to me florally. The peach or apricot - no.

And one of the most important things - for me it lasts the same as Chanel or Dior EdT, I've seen many reviews where people say that it's not lasting, but on me it lasts! And I love the way it smells on my skin, cause it's also quite personal, the scent seems different from what it is in the bottle.

And yes, it is inexpensive, I got it for 20 euro and that makes me happy.
Have you ever tried any Versace perfumes? What is your favourite fragrance at the moment? Please let me know. 
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