Sunday, 30 November 2014

November favourites

Hello beauties:) Unbelievable, but fact...December is behind the door and keeps knocking louder and louder... The last month of the year is officially starting tomorrow. That means it's  time for November favourites. I'm very excited cause it's actually my first month's faves post. I hope from now and on I will make it every month and will try to put only interesting content in it.

First favourite of this month is the pair of these cuties. Wouldn't survive the cold in my house without these slipper boots, super soft and comfortable.

The other favourites of this time of the year - Jasmine scented candle, earrings with Swarowski elements and grey pearls. Love the scent of this candle, it seems more suitable for spring, but I love the smell of jasmine every season of the year.

Two things I've been using this month at my shower. It's Rosemary Flower shower gel from Blooming Dale and Toni&Guy cleanse for fine hair. Love both of these products. This shower gel I got as a present, and didn't like, the smell was not nice I thought. But one day it came to a point that I decided to try it out. It is amazing, it makes skin so smooth and soft, and the smell seems good enough now.
I like the way it feels when  apply this shampoo, the smell, how it washes the hair, I feel that it's cleaning my hair very well, but I don't think it gives the volume that promises. I love this product, don't regret paying for it more than usual drugstore shampoo, but probably I expected more.

The every girl's dream, I believe so. Wanted this for a long a time, finally have it. Rouge Volupte - one of the most famous and luxurious lipsticks in the world, just holding this beautiful golden stick in my hand makes me happy. The packaging is of course gorgeous, it's YSL, the texture - soft and creamy, slight scent, very pretty. I purchased the colour 8, which is nude pink, I could say. It's a great colour for me, as I like to emphasise my eyes, not my lips. It creates that pretty shine and volume to my lips, I feel so nice when I wear it, the only minus I found is that it's not so long lasting as I would like.  

Added some snow on the picture... No cold can be passed without lip balm. This fall I got the pricey friendly Liposan Fruity Shine with a scent of strawberry. Like it very much, feels nice on my lips, smells like strawberry... what else to add?

Favourite thing I got this month. Anti-blemish solutions powder make up from Clinique is how it is actually called, beautiful mattifying powder, which can be used without foundation or on top of it. Again, like the packaging, it looks and feels expensive. I got my powder in colour 5 (fair) and believe it's the lightest shade, but as you can see on the picture it looks quite dark and actually it is. I'm still a bit tanned, so it matches my skin perfectly. I don't think it does anything about blemishes, just like it for shine control and keeping my make up in place.

One of my favourite make up remover Nivea extra delicate. Gets my make up really great, even waterproof.
Hope you liked this post, please follow me on twitter and facebook. Thank you for reading and tell me in comments your opinion on these products and what were your favourites during last month?  

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Pearl of Mediterranean

    Hello beauties:) Today I'm so excited and happy cause it's been a month already since I started to blog on a regular basis. So, this is my 16th post and I hope you will like it.
    I want to share some of my travelling experience and today it is Mallorca, beautiful Mediterranean island, which I had a chance to visit twice. Amazing place for holidays for everybody. Clean beaches, warm sea, pine trees and palms, parrots, medieval cathedrals, royal palaces...and much more. 

    Fantastic day at Palma, capital of the island. It's quite big and busy city which combines old and modern so nicely. Walking at Palma again was a pleasure for me, after visiting this place few years before, I felt like home, knowing the small streets and corners. My comfortable, beautiful summer dress on a picture above - from Zara.

    Walking around Santa Ponsa, resort not far from Palma, always busy and always amazing. Great for families and for young people, has everything you might desire. Here I'm wearing Mexx dress and Pimkie shirt, sandals from Bershka.

    Another picture from Santa Ponsa. Like this summer dress from New Yorker.  

    Palma again. Behind me the main cathedral of Mallorca, built in Gothic style in the Middle Ages, very rich and huge. First thing to see in Mallorca, in my opinion.
    And, of course, Palma is a great place for shopping, a lot of shops for any pocket, paradise for shoppers at a sales period and home for pearls, which are grown here, so pearl-lovers like me, you must visit Mallorca.
    Mallorca, you are in my heart, hope to see you soon... Have you been there? What is your favourite destination for summer?

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Time for knits

    Hello beauties, hope you are all right:)
    I'm all about Christmas mood and as it got cold in Thessaloniki I took my old good sweaters for use. I picked 3 all time favourite and very different.

    My absolute favourite for winter - blue with deers (I actually love everything what has deers on it). But the most important fact is that it's 100% handmade. It was made by my grandma with all her love and care. I definitely feel it when I wear it.

    Another friend with 'Norwegian' motives. Super warm, comfortable and soft. got it few years ago from Terranova.

    The last but not the least - beautiful pinky sweater, again knitted by my grandma. Love it, fits great with blue jeans.
    Do you like wearing knits? What are your favourite colours for sweaters?
Thank you for reading

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Christmas wishlist

    Hello beauties:) I believe it came this time of the year when all thoughts and dreams are just around the Christmas. The stores are getting filled with gifts and Christmas trees, and not only children make their wishes to Santa. I'm sure that every adult has that corner at the soul which believes in wonders and fairy-tales. Personally I feel very blessed at this time of the year. And it's not about getting or making presents, it's about to give love and to be loved, the best gift in the world...
    As I live in Greece now, I don't see snow any more... And I miss this thing very much... and so I made a small wishlist with the things I would love to get this Christmas, and some of them just would remind me about cold freezing snow...

    1. Polar star rubber coated case from Oysho
    I saw this super cute beauty case at the store and told to myself that I just want it so bad. I can see how my small make up items just perfectly fit in there. But I had enough control over myself not to buy it, I decided to tell Santa about my small desire.

    2. Deer Sweatshirt (Oysho)
    Again at Oysho I saw this cutie. Christmas is all about deers for me. It is so soft and nice, you see this thing and imagine yourself reading a book by fireplace at a cozy warm room, drinking some hot tea.

   3. Fir Tree print pants (Oysho)
    I believe this would be the best combo for the sweatshirt above. Again the same picture in my head - fireplace and tea, and a Christmas tree in the room.

    4. Frosted Pastels Palette from Body Shop
    My another wish. Would love to have this one just because of the packaging, these small snowflakes and hearts make me feel so happy and warm. And as a big fan of Body Shop I'm sure the quality of eyeshadows wouldn't disappoint me. It has also a palette with some different colours (pinky-lilac) very pretty as well. But when I see this freezing blue combining with warm brown, I imagine myself as an artist...

    5. L'Occitane 'Delicious Almond'
    Another dream for me. Saw this online, but again stopped myself from buying, even I know it has a good offer. But it stays as my wish for this holiday season. The luxurious set for body care contains almond shower oil, almond milk concentrate, bonne mere milk soap, almond supple skin oil, almond delicious hands. The best way to pamper yourself and feel like a queen after almond care.
    So, I picked 5 most wanted items for me at this moment. Hope Santa will see it and make my wishes true.
    What are yours most desirable items for upcoming Christmas? Hope all your wishes come true. Have a nice weekend.      

Monday, 17 November 2014


    Hello beauties:) After relaxing weekend again comes Monday, cold and tiring. And why not to pamper yourself with hot bath and body butter after...
    With upcoming cold weather skin doesn't feel that happy. It needs moisturising practically every day. I cannot say that I have very dry skin, but if I stop using moisturiser for some days, I feel quite uncomfortable.
    I picked summery body butters for fall season - Raspberry Body Butter from Body Shop and Coconut Body Butter from Sephora. After trying different creams, lotions and body butters, these are the best moisturisers for me so far. And when I was planning to write this review, I thought I would compare these 2 products, but I simply cannot.

    For me, they seem very similar, even that I have totally different scents. The texture of Body Shop butter seems a bit harder, it's harder to get it, but it melts instantly on the skin. The Sephora body butter is softer, more like a cream. I always thought that Body Shop butter scent is more lasting, but it's not really true. The scent of Sephora body butter stays around the same amount of hours. The packaging is very nice of both of them. If to look at the price, Sephora body butter wins, it's cheaper, but still, the difference in around 3 euros doesn't change much. Both shops make discounts and offers for these kinds of products. The range of scents and products is huge in the both shops...
    I love both these products, cannot say which one more. What is your opinion on these ones? Which one would you prefer?        

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Pupa Princess make up kit

    Hello beauties, hope you enjoy Saturday:)
    Today I wanted to share the kit that I'm using every day for creating my make up.  The beauty kit from Italian brand Pupa. The brand I like very much, and probably the first I met in life as my mother was using one as well.

    Sorry that it looks very messy, but it's because I'm using it too much. So as you can see it contains 6 eyeshadows, 10 lipglosses, highlighter (the one in the middle and used up), blush, 2 concealers (also used up), mascara and black eyepencil.
    As you can guess the concealers and highlighter I liked very much and was using every single day. The concealers, especially the darker one are just great, it covers dark circles and blemishes beautifully.
    The highlighter I've been using to define my cheekbones on a daily basis and it created that beautiful natural glow.
    The blush I'm using every day as well, it's a pretty pinky natural colour.

  The thing I'm not so much excited about is the eyepencil. I believe I used it only once just to try it out and it was an absolute failure. It smudges the same moment you apply it, it's not for creating any lines or defining eyelashes cause it would go everywhere, probably it could work for the smoky eye look, but for me it's a situation that I just don't want to touch it any more. Sorry Pupa, I really like you,but this pencil is not for me.
    The mini mascara is pretty good, it gives nice volume to the lashes. I don't find it comfortable to apply because of the small packaging and definitely it's not waterproof at all, it smudges very easily through out the day.

      So these are the swatches of eyeshadows of the left side of the palette. Absolutely gorgeous colours, greatly pigmented.

    And swatches from the right side. The colours are absolutely stunning. The eyeshadows are very blendable and great as for the daytime nude look, as well as for dramatic night out.

    And the swatches of lipglosses. Beautiful colours, most of them nude. The side colours are more bright. With applying one layer it's quite sheer, but easily can be made as a bold lip look. Love to play with these colours, they look absolutely beautiful. But not lasting so many hours as the eyeshadows.
    Pupa keeps attracting women with their amazing designs for palettes and beauty kits, personally I can not pass by when I see them. Just would love to try them all! And just using it makes me so happy or by seeing this pretty box on my table.
    As a conclusion, want to say that I highly recommend the eyeshadows from Pupa (cause I also have the single ones), they are just great. The face make up products and lip products are also very good.
    Of course, when you purchase the palette or kit, not all products will be suitable for you (what I believe), but as I paid for this one 30 euros, I'm sure it's worth the money. I believe the kit like this is a great present for any woman, Pupa has a huge variety of kits with a lot of different packaging and containing different make up suitable for anybody.
    Thank you for reading:) Please share your thoughts about these cosmetics    

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Summer adventure

    Day after day of November I keep thinking about my summer holidays... the unique nature of Chalkidiki. Not less beautiful than any Greek island, but on the mainland, just around an hour drive from busy Thessaloniki. A huge variety of places for quiet escape or partying at the beach... 

    I've been so many times and lived a summer at this part of Greece, but every time I come back  and tell to myself that there is no place like that.

    Personally, I'm in love with the second part of the peninsula (second leg as Greeks call it) Sithonia. The untouched nature, hidden beaches in between the rocks and cliffs, pine tree smell in the air, not so crowded with tourists and not so many resorts built... On the pictures above I'm at Neos Marmaras village, the central place for Sithonia with some big hotel complexes. Amazingly beautiful resort with great views.

    If you have a chance to go to Chalkidiki and you can't decide about the place to eat, go and try Greek seafood. It's absolutely amazing, restaurants and tavernas around usually offer fresh seafood. My favourite dish is grilled octopus. Just few years ago if you tell me that I will eat octopus, I would never believe you.

    Enjoying amazing sunset at another place of Chalkidiki that I absolutely adore - Nikiti. Very, very romantic place. And very special for me...
    Thank you for reading:) Please feel free to comment.      

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Essential lines

    Hello beauties:) This lazy rainy Sunday I decided to write a small review about 2 pencils that I'm currently using and mentioned in my last post - for brows and for eyes.
    Clinique black eye pencil is one of my favourite for creating smoky eyes or defining my eyelashes. It's quite creamy and soft, when you apply it, you don't feel like it needs to be pressed or that it scratches your eye. It doesn't smudge, it stays in place for many hours. Another advantage is the sharpener. It makes it really convenient to sharpen it. 
    The brow pencil from Sephora attracted me by the price I guess... And I don't regret buying it at all. It has this tiny brow brush that helps me to put my brows into their place, and with the pencil I fill the brows. I got it in colour 01 Light and I believe it's perfect for me. 

    So these are the swatches of these products. 
    Thank you for reading:)

Saturday, 8 November 2014

November flowers

    Who said summer moved on? I'm still enjoying warm days of November in Greece. 

    The garden at my house is very green and full of blooming asters. I'm wearing floral print shirt from Sfera, I got it this summer and I still wear it for the days like that - sunny and warm, but in autumn. My lilac jeans are from Pimkie and shoes from Zara. I absolutely love pastel colours and I wear pastels the whole year.


    Moving slowly inside the house... My make up of that day was completely inspired by the weather and outfit I picked. I used pinky and brown eyeshadows, nude lipgloss, pinky blush - all from Pupa; foundation and mascara - Benefit; brow pencil - Sephora and eye pencil - Clinique

    Thank you for reading:) See you in my next post:)