Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Witchcraft couture (book review)

   Hello my beautiful readers:)
   Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts about the book I've read recently. And it's 'Witchcraft couture' by Katarina West.
   I'm not a big fan of reading, and to make me read a book, the idea must be brilliant. And what can I say, the idea of this one is absolutely brilliant. It is very easy to read as it's written with simple words and expressions and it can keep the reader stuck to it.
   The story tells us about the Italian fashion designer Oscar Pellegrini who is passing one of his many creative crisis. He works for a fashion house Marisa Marchetti in Florence, which is at the moment operated by his ex Sarah. He must create the next collection...but instead of doing that he buys a ticket and goes to Russia. After getting involved into different troubles he ends up in Finland without passport, money and his clothes but with a very precious souvenir - magical machine (looks like fridge) that can make any kind of ugly clothes glow. With this thing he finally can become a successful designer and get everything he desired for so many years.
   Eventually he returns to Italy and designs his own collection, with a help of machine the clothes he makes becomes truly divine and any woman that wears it - the most wanted in the world. But there is a price he has to pay...Oscar becomes obsessed with the fridge, he cannot leave it alone, he doesn't trust anybody, he thinks the clothes is alive and hunts him... Is this a true evil that helps him? Is all this just his imagination? Did he make the collection only with a help of his talent? Or did he actually sell his soul to the devil?
   The whole book is like Oscar's diary, so through the book I could feel and see how he thinks and what brings him to these actions.
   Now I think I understand even better how bad is not have any self-confidence and how important is to take care of people you love, not the things. If you love everything fashion related and Italy related this book is definitely for you. 'Witchcraft Couture' can take you out of daily routine and bring to that magical world of shining dresses, expensive shoes, Italian and Finnish landscape fairy-tales.

   Thank you beautiful Katarina West for this magical book. Please visit the site of this talented writer http://www.katarinawest.com/ and her blog http://www.katarinawest.com/things_I_know_about_life
   My darlings, don't lose the fantastic opportunity to get this book for 0,99p on Amazon (link here) in February.

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