Monday, 23 February 2015

My small Italian pleasures

Hello my lovely readers:)
While in Italy I couldn't resist...I had to buy some Italian accessories. The discount tag helped a lot and the prices were very pleasant.

I was very lucky to find Heritage sunnies with a beautiful price - 40 euros. The glasses are very classic, black and polarised. Love them a lot, they suit me good.

This purse is my new love. Like most of the women in this world I am obsessed with all kinds of handbags. As in Italy I really wanted to get a designer bag, but I didn't. Rome is full of traditional Italian leather goods shops. I picked this beautiful Italian baby for only 65 euros.
I can wear it on any occasion, with a classic dress or sport style. It's not very spacious, but the most important things can fit.

Italian leather shoes. Pretty, soft and amazingly comfortable. Again something very classic, so can fit with everything. With these little friends I'm not afraid to walk kilometres around. This find cost me 55 euros.

Thank you for stopping and visiting my blog, I do appreciate that:)

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