Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My very first nomination

Hello beauties:) I'm so excited to say that I've been nominated for Liebster award.
I want to say big thank you to beautiful Steinhard for nominating me. Don't forget to visit her blog http://steinhardlive.blogspot.com/
The purpose of this award is to raise the awareness of smaller bloggers less than 200 followers and offers a chance to get to know any new bloggers.

The rules:

1. Link the person who nominated you
2. Answer the questions given by the nominator
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers
4. Create 11 questions for the nominees
5. Notify all nominees via social media or blogs

So Steinhard's questions and my answers:

1. If you could be anyone, who would you be?
I really don't know. I would stay myself, but probably would like to improve some of my personal qualities, particularly become more self-confident.
2. What was the best moment in your 2014?
It was a hard year, but of course it had some bright moments to remember. Loved the small escape to the sea with my husband at the end of August to celebrate our 2 year anniversary.
3. What's your favourite make up product?
Well, I'm a fan of foundations. Love buying and trying new ones. I could say for the moment my best and favourite product is Hello Flawless foundation from Benefit.
4. If you could do anything for work, what would you do?
I'm still not sure about that. Probably would like to write small articles for a magazine or something while travelling the world.
5. What's your favourite book?
Love reading the classic. One of my favourite is Stendhal's  'The Red and the Black'.
6. Who's your favourite actor or actress?
Anthony Hopkins, amazing actor and person.
7. Which is your favourite 5 blogs?
A Film A Day
World of Wanderlust
milk bubble tea
The Black Pearl Blog
Lauren's looks
8. Why you started to blog?
It happened that I have quite a lot of free time now and I decided to make one of my dreams true - to blog. I love writing and this is a chance to write about what I like. I really hope to get more readers and be helpful.
9. Describe your next year
Well, it's always hard to predict, but I hope it's going to be happy and full of laughter. I've already planned some trips for the next year, so I'm very excited.
10. Which is favourite country and why?
Hard to say. I love travelling, I love my motherland Ukraine and my current home country Greece. But I would say my favourite country to visit for holidays is Spain. Beautiful beaches and views, amazing cities, great shopping and good people.
11. What would you wish for world? 
Peace. Right now it's the only thing that matters. This year I understood how important it is.

I'm nominating:

1. Mary
2. Courtney
3. Dana
4. Vanessa
5. Charlotte
6. Suzanna
7. Novellette
8. Milly
9. Alicia
10. Roxy
11. Lindsey

My questions:

1. Why did you decide to blog?
2. What are your favourite blogs?
3. Where do you usually get inspiration from?
4. What is your favourite movie genre?
5. What are your biggest plans for the coming year?
6. Would you like to move from the country you are currently living? why?
7. Do you have the beauty product you cannot pass the day without?
8. What was your the most unforgettable moment of Christmas time in your life?
9. What is your favourite outfit detail?
10. What is your favourite fragrance for the moment?
11. What is the biggest thing you want to change in your life?

I want to say thanks for nominating me again. And Merry Christmas and Happy New year my lovely readers :) 

Friday, 26 December 2014

When my Santa came to the house

Hello my dear lovely readers:) Merry Christmas everybody! Hope you are having a great time with your beloved ones. I'm so excited to tell you about what Santa left for me...

My Santa made me a very nice present this year - Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel, one of my all time favourite fragrance.
The bottle is classic and elegant, pure Chanel. I like that small coco sign on the top, beautiful detail.
Unfortunately, it's not possible to express the scent through text... But from the first time I smelled it some years ago for me it became the expression of Coco, of Chanel, of elegance and feminism. With this scent I just started to understand how the young lady must smell and be. And besides of that I feel sexy and wanted when I'm wearing it.

The top notes of the fragrance are jasmine and rose, with the add of orange, bergamot and grapefruit. It's very sensual and warm, but at the same time it's not too much or too strong, it doesn't belong to a category for older women. It's not a winter or summer scent, it's timeless...

The fact that Keira Knightley represents this perfume the last years makes me love it even more. Love her as an actress and as a woman. Absolutely pretty, classy, feminine and sexy. Just as the fragrance.
Have you tried this fragrance? How do you like it? What Santa brought to you this year? Merry Christmas again to you all.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Products I regret purchasing

Hello beauties:) Today for the first time I want to review products that I regret purchasing, I don't really like to make posts like that, I would prefer to write always good reviews. But I do have some stuff that doesn't work for me the way I wanted. It doesn't mean that it's bad and I don't recommend it, it just didn't work for me. It's just my personal opinion.

I used to like Wella products very much. I was using their mousses and hair sprays for many years. But after trying a lot of different styling products I returned to Wella cause of a good price and quite good quality, but this time I just got very disappointed. I have a mousse for volume and a spray that claims to hold up hairdo up to 24 hours. The thing I hate about these 2 products is only one and the same - it sticks my hair together and any hairstyle that  I'm trying to create looks really bad and my hair looks very unclean.

The exfoliating shower gel from H&M is very friendly for wallet, but not so great in the shower. I cannot really describe why I don't like it, it smells nice, but I simply cannot enjoy it. I don't think that it really works as a peeling and you really need a big amount of product to create any foam. And it dries my skin too much...

I like Garnier make up removers, but this one is not working for me. It is a cleansing milk for removing make up from face and eyes. It has a beautiful refreshing smell, which I love...But it doesn't remove any make up from my eyes. At the beginning I thought it's mascara (Benefit They're Real) that is hard to get, but I was trying different mascaras and the result was the same. It gets some make up from the face, but still it's needed to wash your face.

The Sephora nail polish... I believe it has a different package now, this one I got a while ago. Also a cheap find, but for this type of price I would prefer Essence nail polish. It goes very nicely and smoothly on the nails, but it doesn't stay at all. After one washing of hands it starts going out.

This quad of eye shadows from Prestige cosmetics is not that disappointed comparing to the products above. The lilac shade is the one that pisses me mostly, it was dried from the beginning and it's not easy to get it out and even if you get it out, it cannot be applied on the eyelid as it is too dry. The brown and light shimmery colours are the ones I like and I use. The black shade is not so pigmented and it doesn't apply so good as well.  

Have you tried any of these products? what is your opinion on them? which are the products you regret purchasing?  

Monday, 15 December 2014


Hello beauties:) Today I wanted to share with you 2 products from Yves Saint Laurent that I'm so happy to own.

I'm a happy owner of Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara of YSL. This mascara is just a dream, it's absolutely everything that I want of mascara. I got it by recommendation and probably would never purchase on my own, cause usually I prefer Dior or Chanel of high end products, maybe it's just a stamp that used to stay in my mind.
Anyway, YSL is YSL... The packaging is gorgeous, luxurious, something unique. Just by looking at it...it feels so good, I know it's just a mascara, but according to the price must be something more. And it is, it is a pure luxury, splurge...
The consistency is thick, it has a slide of a scent, which some people might find annoying, but I don't really mind it. The brush is something different of what usual mascaras offer, it has weird shape, in my opinion. But what it creates only with one layer of product is amazing. The lashes become huge, voluminous, looking like fake.

The lipstick I mentioned in my post before, November favourites. It is I believe one of the most  best-selling lipstick in the world (or probably at least of high street lipsticks).
It feels and looks really nice on me and I'm just enjoying having this little shiny friend in my purse. As I mentioned before, it's not that long-lasting product, it stays around 2-3 hours on my lips if I don't bother with it (no touching, eating, drinking or kissing). Everything else I find absolutely great about this lipstick.

Yves Saint Laurent beauty products are real splurge. Not so many people can afford lipstick or mascara for 30 euro. But I believe getting a small gift like this can make your day and fix the worst mood.
I'm sure there are cheaper versions for similar quality, but I don't want to look for them. I just enjoy having YSL...
Did you try these products? what is your opinion? do they worth the price? Thank you for reading.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Christmas tree...oh Christmas tree

Hello beauties:) I was a bit busy these days as preparing to my exams, but, of course I found some time to decorate my house and a Christmas tree.

It's one of my very favourite things, I like it probably more than celebrating my birthday. It helps to bring you Christmas spirit and gather the closest people together.

This year we have white Christmas tree, decorated with red, golden and pink balls, bells, bows and white lights. My favourite thing on that tree is a shell, unfortunately only one, kind of a symbol of Greece for me, but it makes feel that this Christmas I'm celebrating in Thessaloniki.

Love the mess and rush before Christmas... Christmas carols, songs, movies, smell of mandarins' in the house, preparing and getting presents, happiness and love around, cities full of lights and wonders...
I hope you are enjoying pre-Christmas preparations and getting a beautiful feeling and mood of white happy holiday. Thank you for stopping at my blog, always appreciate your comments.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Kenzo Couleur

Hello beauties:)
    Today I wanted to share with you perfume I'm currently using and it's Kenzo Couleur pink.  It is so hard to find words to describe a scent, so I will begin with the packaging. It's quite simple and classic comparing to Kenzo Flower or Kenzo Amour. The detail which makes it special is the rose stamped on top. This rose top was designed specially for Kenzo for the very first fragrance of the brand.
    If to get back to the scent...it's all about rose for me. I like perfumes with rosy base, one of my favourite is Dolce Gabbana Rose The One, but this is more fresh and sour I could say. It's absolutely floral and it's not sweet at all. Beside the rose, the perfume contains the scent of saffron, grapefruit and angelica.

    I could never say which perfume is my favourite or if the scent is for winter or summer. I like trying new fragrances, sometimes I get back to the ones I liked before. Usually it's the bottle which attracts me and makes the first impression (for most women I believe), and you already imagine this pretty bottle on your table... I love most of the fragrances from Kenzo and their skincare line. This perfume is very fresh and flowery, I don't get bored of it, I like how it smells on me and I always get compliments when I wear it.
    Thank you for reading, did you try any of Kenzo perfumes, which is your favourite?

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

For long winter evenings

Hello beauties:) So winter has officially started and I'm preparing myself for bigger cold... I'm that kind of person that likes cold, cause I like staying at home, drinking my tea and of course...watching a movie, or even better for now - series. I want to suggest some that I've seen or currently am watching and like it very much.

Penny Dreadful

Beautiful picture of dark Victorian London, full of mysteries and supernatural. If you don't like Twilight kind of vampires or werewolves this will be great for you. In these series you can meet famous British book's characters - Dorian Gray, Victor Frankestein, Abraham van Helsing... Or just enjoy seeing Eva Green, Josh Hartnett and Timothy Dalton. Can't wait for the second season...

Pretty Little Liars

Something less creepy, but more mysterious tv show for today. Well known and recognised, very popular... but still wondering who A might maybe... Personally, I don't get bored, like the actresses, acting, sometimes think I hate the director cause the show is getting too long, but I'm sure I'm gonna miss it after it finishes.

Bates Motel

I like the atmosphere of the show, the picturesque views, creepy and mysterious. The amazing acting - Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore. Don't think anybody could play better this weird mother-son relationship. I like movies connected with hotel-motel stories, they always keep a mystery and make me super interested. The show is not long, it doesn't get slow or boring.

Gossip Girl

Two years passed since the series are over, but personally I can't get over them. I watch it again and again, to find something new. Just worth to see it for outfits, dresses, shoes, apartments, Paris or New York... Love every character and each actor, well done. Who didn't dream of Blair's or Serena's wardrobe? and maybe Chuck or Nate...

Most of the shows I watch are a bit creepy, but that's what keeps me interested.
Hope you liked this post, thank you for visiting my blog. Tell in comments what are your favourite tv series and if you watch the ones above.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

November favourites

Hello beauties:) Unbelievable, but fact...December is behind the door and keeps knocking louder and louder... The last month of the year is officially starting tomorrow. That means it's  time for November favourites. I'm very excited cause it's actually my first month's faves post. I hope from now and on I will make it every month and will try to put only interesting content in it.

First favourite of this month is the pair of these cuties. Wouldn't survive the cold in my house without these slipper boots, super soft and comfortable.

The other favourites of this time of the year - Jasmine scented candle, earrings with Swarowski elements and grey pearls. Love the scent of this candle, it seems more suitable for spring, but I love the smell of jasmine every season of the year.

Two things I've been using this month at my shower. It's Rosemary Flower shower gel from Blooming Dale and Toni&Guy cleanse for fine hair. Love both of these products. This shower gel I got as a present, and didn't like, the smell was not nice I thought. But one day it came to a point that I decided to try it out. It is amazing, it makes skin so smooth and soft, and the smell seems good enough now.
I like the way it feels when  apply this shampoo, the smell, how it washes the hair, I feel that it's cleaning my hair very well, but I don't think it gives the volume that promises. I love this product, don't regret paying for it more than usual drugstore shampoo, but probably I expected more.

The every girl's dream, I believe so. Wanted this for a long a time, finally have it. Rouge Volupte - one of the most famous and luxurious lipsticks in the world, just holding this beautiful golden stick in my hand makes me happy. The packaging is of course gorgeous, it's YSL, the texture - soft and creamy, slight scent, very pretty. I purchased the colour 8, which is nude pink, I could say. It's a great colour for me, as I like to emphasise my eyes, not my lips. It creates that pretty shine and volume to my lips, I feel so nice when I wear it, the only minus I found is that it's not so long lasting as I would like.  

Added some snow on the picture... No cold can be passed without lip balm. This fall I got the pricey friendly Liposan Fruity Shine with a scent of strawberry. Like it very much, feels nice on my lips, smells like strawberry... what else to add?

Favourite thing I got this month. Anti-blemish solutions powder make up from Clinique is how it is actually called, beautiful mattifying powder, which can be used without foundation or on top of it. Again, like the packaging, it looks and feels expensive. I got my powder in colour 5 (fair) and believe it's the lightest shade, but as you can see on the picture it looks quite dark and actually it is. I'm still a bit tanned, so it matches my skin perfectly. I don't think it does anything about blemishes, just like it for shine control and keeping my make up in place.

One of my favourite make up remover Nivea extra delicate. Gets my make up really great, even waterproof.
Hope you liked this post, please follow me on twitter and facebook. Thank you for reading and tell me in comments your opinion on these products and what were your favourites during last month?  

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Pearl of Mediterranean

    Hello beauties:) Today I'm so excited and happy cause it's been a month already since I started to blog on a regular basis. So, this is my 16th post and I hope you will like it.
    I want to share some of my travelling experience and today it is Mallorca, beautiful Mediterranean island, which I had a chance to visit twice. Amazing place for holidays for everybody. Clean beaches, warm sea, pine trees and palms, parrots, medieval cathedrals, royal palaces...and much more. 

    Fantastic day at Palma, capital of the island. It's quite big and busy city which combines old and modern so nicely. Walking at Palma again was a pleasure for me, after visiting this place few years before, I felt like home, knowing the small streets and corners. My comfortable, beautiful summer dress on a picture above - from Zara.

    Walking around Santa Ponsa, resort not far from Palma, always busy and always amazing. Great for families and for young people, has everything you might desire. Here I'm wearing Mexx dress and Pimkie shirt, sandals from Bershka.

    Another picture from Santa Ponsa. Like this summer dress from New Yorker.  

    Palma again. Behind me the main cathedral of Mallorca, built in Gothic style in the Middle Ages, very rich and huge. First thing to see in Mallorca, in my opinion.
    And, of course, Palma is a great place for shopping, a lot of shops for any pocket, paradise for shoppers at a sales period and home for pearls, which are grown here, so pearl-lovers like me, you must visit Mallorca.
    Mallorca, you are in my heart, hope to see you soon... Have you been there? What is your favourite destination for summer?

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Time for knits

    Hello beauties, hope you are all right:)
    I'm all about Christmas mood and as it got cold in Thessaloniki I took my old good sweaters for use. I picked 3 all time favourite and very different.

    My absolute favourite for winter - blue with deers (I actually love everything what has deers on it). But the most important fact is that it's 100% handmade. It was made by my grandma with all her love and care. I definitely feel it when I wear it.

    Another friend with 'Norwegian' motives. Super warm, comfortable and soft. got it few years ago from Terranova.

    The last but not the least - beautiful pinky sweater, again knitted by my grandma. Love it, fits great with blue jeans.
    Do you like wearing knits? What are your favourite colours for sweaters?
Thank you for reading