Monday, 23 February 2015

My small Italian pleasures

Hello my lovely readers:)
While in Italy I couldn't resist...I had to buy some Italian accessories. The discount tag helped a lot and the prices were very pleasant.

I was very lucky to find Heritage sunnies with a beautiful price - 40 euros. The glasses are very classic, black and polarised. Love them a lot, they suit me good.

This purse is my new love. Like most of the women in this world I am obsessed with all kinds of handbags. As in Italy I really wanted to get a designer bag, but I didn't. Rome is full of traditional Italian leather goods shops. I picked this beautiful Italian baby for only 65 euros.
I can wear it on any occasion, with a classic dress or sport style. It's not very spacious, but the most important things can fit.

Italian leather shoes. Pretty, soft and amazingly comfortable. Again something very classic, so can fit with everything. With these little friends I'm not afraid to walk kilometres around. This find cost me 55 euros.

Thank you for stopping and visiting my blog, I do appreciate that:)

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Witchcraft couture (book review)

   Hello my beautiful readers:)
   Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts about the book I've read recently. And it's 'Witchcraft couture' by Katarina West.
   I'm not a big fan of reading, and to make me read a book, the idea must be brilliant. And what can I say, the idea of this one is absolutely brilliant. It is very easy to read as it's written with simple words and expressions and it can keep the reader stuck to it.
   The story tells us about the Italian fashion designer Oscar Pellegrini who is passing one of his many creative crisis. He works for a fashion house Marisa Marchetti in Florence, which is at the moment operated by his ex Sarah. He must create the next collection...but instead of doing that he buys a ticket and goes to Russia. After getting involved into different troubles he ends up in Finland without passport, money and his clothes but with a very precious souvenir - magical machine (looks like fridge) that can make any kind of ugly clothes glow. With this thing he finally can become a successful designer and get everything he desired for so many years.
   Eventually he returns to Italy and designs his own collection, with a help of machine the clothes he makes becomes truly divine and any woman that wears it - the most wanted in the world. But there is a price he has to pay...Oscar becomes obsessed with the fridge, he cannot leave it alone, he doesn't trust anybody, he thinks the clothes is alive and hunts him... Is this a true evil that helps him? Is all this just his imagination? Did he make the collection only with a help of his talent? Or did he actually sell his soul to the devil?
   The whole book is like Oscar's diary, so through the book I could feel and see how he thinks and what brings him to these actions.
   Now I think I understand even better how bad is not have any self-confidence and how important is to take care of people you love, not the things. If you love everything fashion related and Italy related this book is definitely for you. 'Witchcraft Couture' can take you out of daily routine and bring to that magical world of shining dresses, expensive shoes, Italian and Finnish landscape fairy-tales.

   Thank you beautiful Katarina West for this magical book. Please visit the site of this talented writer and her blog
   My darlings, don't lose the fantastic opportunity to get this book for 0,99p on Amazon (link here) in February.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Giveaway (closed)

Hello my lovely readers:)
Happy Valentine's Day!!! I wish you all to be loved and to love:)
I love you all. Really. Very much. I am so glad that I started this blog and that I achieved something, that somebody reads my posts, comments and follows, it really means a lot to me.
For all my readers I open this giveaway with a chance to win Chanel Sublimage eye cream (sample size 3ml) , Kiko Ace of Diamonds lipstick in a shade 19, 2 bareMinerals Ready eyeshadow in shades The Last Call and The Hidden Agenda.
Thank you and good luck! I will be happy to announce the winner on the 2nd of March:)

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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Just one simple make up idea

Hello beauties:)
Today I wanted to share one look with a pop of green that I wear very often and believe that it suits me. If you own any bright eyeshadow, it can also be used instead.

                            The products I used

Before, without any make up

For the eyeshadow base I use Kiko Eye Base primer, which I can absolutely trust. 
Then I put the shadow 1 from my Pupa kit all over the lid, it's nude shade with a bit of shimmer.
My number 2 - the Oriflame brown pencil, which I smudge in the outer corner of my lid with a help of blending brush.

And then I put my green colour 3 from Pupa baked duo. It's very shimmery so I put it slowly and carefully with a wet flat brush.
For some extra definition of my crease I use the colour 4 from the kit, which seems to be black, but I would say it's dark grey.
Another pencil from Oriflame 5, which is olive colour I use for my down eyelash line. 
The highlight shade 6 I put for inner corners and browbone.

 My complete make up

I didn't get crazy with face products. I put my foundation, a bit of concealer and bronzer.
To complete my eye make up I used black eyeliner and mascara.
I also touched my eyebrows with Kiko pencil and put some lipstick.

Please let me know your opinion about this make up. Thank you for visiting my blog:)

Sunday, 8 February 2015

My small Body Shop haul

Hello beauties:)
I wanted to share with you my recent Body Shop purchases. It is impossible to pass by Body Shop when it has -30% off. And so I pampered myself a little bit.
Aloe Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
I wanted to try it long time ago as it's famous like fragrance-free, colour-free and preservative free. It's for sensitive skin (which I have there) and doesn't cause irritation.
And after using it few times I fell in love with it. It doesn't cause me any dryness or irritations and protects from the bad smell.
Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator
I almost forgot how much I liked the Seaweed line some years ago. I still love it, it suits my combination/oily skin greatly. The exfoliator is quite gentle, but after using it, definitely use moisturiser.
Liquid eyeliner
My first purchase from the make up line of Body Shop. I picked the classic black eyeliner and I like it very much. It's nothing special,but it has all the qualities we want eyeliner to have - it stays in place, it's very black, it dries fast and quite easy to apply.
Honeymania Shower Gel
I simply adore Body Shop's shower gels. First time I try a product from the Honeymania line - and it's unbelievable. It is such a pleasure to take shower with this thing. The scent is very honey-like and it's intense, so not everybody might like it.  

So these are the products I got recently. But there is no such a thing as too many Body Shop stuff, so I'm pretty sure I'll go back to get some other things I've been wanting.
What are your recent purchases from Body Shop? Did you try any of the products that I picked? Please let me know in comments. Thank you for stopping by.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

January favourites

Hello my lovely readers:)
January passed so was such a beautiful, full of impressions month for me.
I did purchase quite many beauty products this month, and so here are the ones that I was reaching the most:
Perfume - definitely my Santa's gift Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel. My favourite perfume of all times, but this month I couldn't stop using it (Review of the perfume).
Skincare - Clinique Superdefence day cream, really saves me at winter days when my oily skin becomes dry and irritated.
Shampoo - L'oreal Professionnel Volumetry, my holy grail shampoo and the one I was using mostly. It's great for these winter days, cause I don't wash my hair too often and I'm sure that this shampoo will clean it well (Review of L'oreal shampoos).
Brush - two-sided foundation and powder brush from H&M. This cheap brush really surprised me. It's very soft and I started to apply my foundation with it. It changed my foundation routine really much, I stopped using any kind of sponges.
Make up - I decided to include my recent purchases from Kiko (Kiko cosmetics haul). These two products I'm sure I'm in love with. The others I'm still trying out and have some mixed impressions.
So Kiko Eye base primer is a great helper for holding your eyeshadows in place for all day long. And the price make me like it even more. I have the matte one, the line has also the glittery one.
Precision Eyebrow pencil - just amazing brow product. Defines and fills my eyebrows, looks really natural and matches my colour, very creamy and easy to use.
So these are my favourites of January. What are your thoughts about these products? What were your favourites during last month? 

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

When in Rome

Hello my beautiful readers:)
As I mentioned before, after a week that I spent in beautiful Rome I feel very good, almost like a new person. It was my first visit to eternal city and I was planning this trip for a long. I was expecting from Rome a lot and I actually got it. It's hard for me to comment much, cause I feel like everything's been already said. It's magnificent.

After seeing something like Colosseum, the only question in my head was 'is there anything impossible for humans to create?' There is no doubt why this huge amphitheatre is among the 7 wonders of new world. It's amazing, the only comment from me is 'wow'.

Rome was not sunny all the time, but I don't complain. In the grey and sad colours it still looks gorgeous.

The building that should be talked about. The only ancient antique temple with a unique dome. Pantheon survived everything and saved its spirit.

Rome is considered among the most romantic cities in the world. Well, it's fair. The fountains, evening lights, narrow streets and Italian wine create that mood. It's great to spend time in Rome with your beloved one.

I saw in Rome more pieces of art and significant architecture than ever in my life. Impressions are indescribable.
Lovely -lovely Rome, hope to see you soon:)