Thursday, 26 March 2015

What the sweet dreams are made of

Hello beauties:)

Today I wanted to share with you the favourite part of my house, the part where I spend most hours of my bedroom. Bed is the place to get rid of all negative emotions you might get through the day, to forget, to get rested and imagine that perfect life we dream about. Everybody who has enough and good sleep is much more happier and healthier. So, my bedroom and my bed are very important to me.
I keep my bedroom quite simple, I believe less is more. I prefer light colours for the house in general, my bedroom gets some sunlight, but I wish it was more. The walls are light green, the bed is white and the beddings I have are mostly white or beige. The bedding plays probably the most important role in relaxation process, it must be clean, soft and made out of natural materials. I prefer organic cotton and linen. I recently discovered luxury Parachute bedding (Parachute bedding) which is made from high quality cotton by the best Italian masters. And, of course, the price is very reasonable.

I am a fan of shabby chic, and as I live in the big house outside of the city I think it fits perfectly. The house is quite old and most of the rooms are full of old and sometimes antique things. As you can see I have 2 pictures of roses above the bed which I like very much. My photo frame is also shabby chic and my favourite picture in it.
One of the most  precious and valuable piece is the cover. It's absolutely hand made by my lovely mother. I cannot imagine how patient you must be to create something like that.
I always have candles in the room, scented and simple, bigger and smaller, different coloured ones. I burn them and feel happier:)

Another detail of the room that I absolutely adore is this lamp. I got it from Ikea around a year ago. I believe it fits perfectly into this interior. And of course carpet is something you definitely need for winter. I got this fluffy friend as a present, and now I cannot imagine my room without it.

My wardrobe is really vintage, or at least very old. But I like it. I keep most of my clothes in my bedroom (that I wear at this time of year). Sometimes I think I want to buy new wardrobe that can fit more staff, but after I think I do like this one:)

And also I keep my beauty items in my bedroom. Not all, but many. I have a small white table in the corner and usually I put my favourite make up, skincare and perfume items on it. For me the must is to have at least one flower in the room, at the moment I'm enjoying a red tulip.

I can spend hours checking Pinterest for new interior ideas. Looking at my board you can understand that I'm a big fan of shabby chic, flowers and light coloured rooms.
Did you like my post? What is your favourite thing about bedroom? Thank you for stopping by:)

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