Saturday, 16 May 2015

The most used this month

Hello beauties:)

As I mentioned in my last post I have some changes in life what I'm absolutely happy about. I finally found a job I like very much and feel that my targets and dreams are coming true.
It's really hard to find some time for blogging cause I spend the way too many hours at work... But I'm going to find that time to do the thing I enjoy.
I haven't been using much make up, I was reaching mostly for natural look. On top for me was my Inglot  AMC Cream Foundation, which can last and stay in place for many hours. As I mentioned in my Inglot products and reviews post, this foundation makes my skin flawless, covers my imperfections and has very light texture. The disadvantage I noticed these days is that it cannot take the heat. If the day is hot (quite often in Greece this time of the year) the foundation melts and makes me look shiny. So I'm on a hunt for a product that can stand the hot weather and have some SPF. Can you recommend me something?
The only concealer I am using now is Estee Lauder Ideal Light Brush-on Illuminator. It is very good. It's light but thick enough to cover my dark circles. It lasts for all day and is not afraid of heat. I believe Estee Lauder stops producing this product...That's a pity.
For my cheeks I cannot get enough of Clinique Cheek pop. Pretty, pretty, pretty! The packaging, the colour, formula and lasting power are amazing. It's not crazy pigmented which I like about the blush. I can easily build it up to the intensity I want.
The brush of the month for me was Kiko Face 107. I use it for blending my foundation and it's great. It is just perfect pair with my Inglot foundation, the finish is super flawless.
I clean my brushes with Sephora Daily Make up Brush Cleaner (my full review here) almost every day now. My skin has some break outs now, so I'm more careful about cleaning my brushes in a proper way with shampoos, but this spray is perfect for every day. I'm sure now I will repurchase it.
Mascara of the last few weeks was my newly discovered Inglot False Lash Effect Mascara. Just great, stays all day, doesn't fall off or anything. The volume I was looking for I found in this one, there is no need for me to purchase an expensive mascara any more.
Before running my giveaway with bareMinerals eyeshadow duos I had to buy one for myself... And I fell in love with the colours and texture. Minty green and deep brown are just perfect, very buildable and looking very natural on the lids. It's easy to create a beautiful look with only these 2 colours. The pigmentation is amazing. 

I'm looking forward for your comments and opinions. Thank you for reading.

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