Sunday, 8 February 2015

My small Body Shop haul

Hello beauties:)
I wanted to share with you my recent Body Shop purchases. It is impossible to pass by Body Shop when it has -30% off. And so I pampered myself a little bit.
Aloe Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
I wanted to try it long time ago as it's famous like fragrance-free, colour-free and preservative free. It's for sensitive skin (which I have there) and doesn't cause irritation.
And after using it few times I fell in love with it. It doesn't cause me any dryness or irritations and protects from the bad smell.
Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator
I almost forgot how much I liked the Seaweed line some years ago. I still love it, it suits my combination/oily skin greatly. The exfoliator is quite gentle, but after using it, definitely use moisturiser.
Liquid eyeliner
My first purchase from the make up line of Body Shop. I picked the classic black eyeliner and I like it very much. It's nothing special,but it has all the qualities we want eyeliner to have - it stays in place, it's very black, it dries fast and quite easy to apply.
Honeymania Shower Gel
I simply adore Body Shop's shower gels. First time I try a product from the Honeymania line - and it's unbelievable. It is such a pleasure to take shower with this thing. The scent is very honey-like and it's intense, so not everybody might like it.  

So these are the products I got recently. But there is no such a thing as too many Body Shop stuff, so I'm pretty sure I'll go back to get some other things I've been wanting.
What are your recent purchases from Body Shop? Did you try any of the products that I picked? Please let me know in comments. Thank you for stopping by.

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