Tuesday, 3 February 2015

When in Rome

Hello my beautiful readers:)
As I mentioned before, after a week that I spent in beautiful Rome I feel very good, almost like a new person. It was my first visit to eternal city and I was planning this trip for a long. I was expecting from Rome a lot and I actually got it. It's hard for me to comment much, cause I feel like everything's been already said. It's magnificent.

After seeing something like Colosseum, the only question in my head was 'is there anything impossible for humans to create?' There is no doubt why this huge amphitheatre is among the 7 wonders of new world. It's amazing, the only comment from me is 'wow'.

Rome was not sunny all the time, but I don't complain. In the grey and sad colours it still looks gorgeous.

The building that should be talked about. The only ancient antique temple with a unique dome. Pantheon survived everything and saved its spirit.

Rome is considered among the most romantic cities in the world. Well, it's fair. The fountains, evening lights, narrow streets and Italian wine create that mood. It's great to spend time in Rome with your beloved one.

I saw in Rome more pieces of art and significant architecture than ever in my life. Impressions are indescribable.
Lovely -lovely Rome, hope to see you soon:)
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