Saturday, 31 January 2015

Kiko cosmetics haul

Hello beauties:)

While in Rome, I couldn't pass by Kiko and pick few things...

I will definitely write detailed reviews on the products, cause I'm still not sure about how it works on me. But I can say from now that I'm more than satisfied cause the prices are really friendly and most of their products are really great.
There is only one beauty thing that I brought from Italy which is not from Kiko - Versace Red Jeans EDT. It's a fragrance that I found very pretty, and the price of 20 euros was quite special.
So this what I got from Kiko:    
  1. Mat Base Corrector primer (8,90 euros), keeps me mat, but not too many hours, my super oily nose will start shining after 2-3 hours. I used it only 2 times, didn't notice anything bad about it, it didn't break me out or anything.
  2. Natural Concealer (5,50 euros). After using 2-3 times, I can say it's very good find for this money. It stays well, it covers well, beautiful and simple.
  3. Bronzer Mineral Powder (9,90 euros). Very pretty bronzer, perfect shade for me, warms up my face at this cold time.
  4. Precision Eyebrow Pencil (5,90 euros), this thing just changed my eyebrow routine. I started to like my eyebrows like never before. There is a reason why youtubers talk about it and call it Anastasia brow wiz dupe. Just get it when you have a chance.
  5. Eye base primer (6,90 euros), another thing that I didn't expect to be so good. It was always a trouble for me to find good base for eyeshadows as my eyelids are super oily. But this one keeps it all day, just amazing.
  6. Maxi Blender Brush eyes 213 (9,90 euros), I wanted to try their brushes...and it is absolutely amazing. There is no need to spend money on high end brands' brushes. Kiko's brushes are not worse than MAC or Sephora (which is still more expensive).
  7. Velvet Mat lipstick (6,90 euros). With all this fashion for mat finish lipsticks, I just couldn't help it. It's probably the most expensive lip product at Kiko, but I absolutely adore it. It's easy to apply, looks good on me and doesn't dry my lips.   
  8. Ace of Diamonds Lipstick - in my nearest giveaway, for my beloved readers:)

And no matter what products you use and which make up technique you's all up to you... Just be what you want.

Did you try anything of Kiko cosmetics? What are your recent beauty purchases? please let me know in comments.
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