Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Simply Milan

This cold autumn day brought my memories back to one of the most exciting trip in my life. The first real trip I made with my husband. To Milan. A sort of a honeymoon...Almost a year passed but memories are so fresh. Or maybe I'm just planning our next trip to amazing Italy.

  Exploring roof of Duomo with Bershka Jacket, ZARA Shorts, MIGATO boots and AXEL bag. Was very lucky to enjoy warm and sunny Milan in the middle of November.

  I believe everybody who sees Duomo gets amazed and impressed for long. So I am. And inside the cathedral it's not less great than from outside.

Of course, it's not possible to pass by Vittorio Emanuele Galeria. The place where you see shoppers from all over the world. And from where you can choose your way for spending money. Everything depends on your wallet. But, I believe, Milan is a home for shopping-addicted because it has absolutely everything, and even wandering around Duomo you can find very budget friendly shops with nice things. So, don't get disappointed if you can not afford original Louis Vuitton bag. You might find great Italian leather bag or shoes for quite good price.  

Got excited and inspired for the whole year I believe, probably until my next trip to Italy.

I could probably write the whole article about Italian food and coffees, but I just want to say that you should go to Italy just to try a slice of pizza. It's definitely worth it. 
Thank you for reading and excuse me for the quality of the pictures. Wait for your comments:)

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