Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Where the roads lead

Hello my beautiful readers:)

Today I wanted to write few words about my passion, which is not make up. And it is travelling. I love to travel, like most of the people do. There is nothing weird about that.
I don't see trips like escape or holidays, I see them mostly as education, time to think and to see, to see yourself better...

Every time I return from a trip, I feel a different person, I see things and people like I couldn't see them before. No school or work while meeting hundreds of people could give me that feeling. The experience I get after travels is not comparable.
I've just returned from my week in Rome. I cannot really describe my emotions in words. I got and saw much more than I was expecting. The eternal city changed my mind I believe, I feel so blessed, happy, inspired and optimistic like never before. I stopped worrying about unnecessary things and details that were only causing me stress. There are so many beautiful things in our lives. I have so many ideas flying in my head. I think I can change the world right now and erase all those bad things that are going on Earth.

I don't want to get too boring in this post, I just want to say to you - travel as much as you can, it's worth it, don't delay it for a week, month or a year, find those 3-4 days and visit the place you always wanted. And I hope the trips of your dreams will become true. 
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