Sunday, 30 November 2014

November favourites

Hello beauties:) Unbelievable, but fact...December is behind the door and keeps knocking louder and louder... The last month of the year is officially starting tomorrow. That means it's  time for November favourites. I'm very excited cause it's actually my first month's faves post. I hope from now and on I will make it every month and will try to put only interesting content in it.

First favourite of this month is the pair of these cuties. Wouldn't survive the cold in my house without these slipper boots, super soft and comfortable.

The other favourites of this time of the year - Jasmine scented candle, earrings with Swarowski elements and grey pearls. Love the scent of this candle, it seems more suitable for spring, but I love the smell of jasmine every season of the year.

Two things I've been using this month at my shower. It's Rosemary Flower shower gel from Blooming Dale and Toni&Guy cleanse for fine hair. Love both of these products. This shower gel I got as a present, and didn't like, the smell was not nice I thought. But one day it came to a point that I decided to try it out. It is amazing, it makes skin so smooth and soft, and the smell seems good enough now.
I like the way it feels when  apply this shampoo, the smell, how it washes the hair, I feel that it's cleaning my hair very well, but I don't think it gives the volume that promises. I love this product, don't regret paying for it more than usual drugstore shampoo, but probably I expected more.

The every girl's dream, I believe so. Wanted this for a long a time, finally have it. Rouge Volupte - one of the most famous and luxurious lipsticks in the world, just holding this beautiful golden stick in my hand makes me happy. The packaging is of course gorgeous, it's YSL, the texture - soft and creamy, slight scent, very pretty. I purchased the colour 8, which is nude pink, I could say. It's a great colour for me, as I like to emphasise my eyes, not my lips. It creates that pretty shine and volume to my lips, I feel so nice when I wear it, the only minus I found is that it's not so long lasting as I would like.  

Added some snow on the picture... No cold can be passed without lip balm. This fall I got the pricey friendly Liposan Fruity Shine with a scent of strawberry. Like it very much, feels nice on my lips, smells like strawberry... what else to add?

Favourite thing I got this month. Anti-blemish solutions powder make up from Clinique is how it is actually called, beautiful mattifying powder, which can be used without foundation or on top of it. Again, like the packaging, it looks and feels expensive. I got my powder in colour 5 (fair) and believe it's the lightest shade, but as you can see on the picture it looks quite dark and actually it is. I'm still a bit tanned, so it matches my skin perfectly. I don't think it does anything about blemishes, just like it for shine control and keeping my make up in place.

One of my favourite make up remover Nivea extra delicate. Gets my make up really great, even waterproof.
Hope you liked this post, please follow me on twitter and facebook. Thank you for reading and tell me in comments your opinion on these products and what were your favourites during last month?  
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