Sunday, 25 January 2015

Klorane care

Hello beauties:)
Today it's again all about shampoos. I mentioned before that I'm a bit obsessed with hair products and so I found a good offer and bought these 2 Klorane friends. I absolutely love Klorane, it's an amazing brand that creates nature-friendly hair products.
I've tried most of the range, usually I buy small packaging - 200ml, to see if I like it and then buy the big one. So, this time I picked Shampoo with Peony, which is soothing and anti-irritant and Shampoo with Nasturtium, which is anti-dandruff and purifying.
I don't have dandruff all the time or too much, just in winter sometimes I feel my scalp like a desert. I find both these shampoos very similar with a similar purpose. I love them both, they are very soft and calming. I know they help people who have actual problems with scalp (dry skin, irritations, dandruff and so on).
I recommend  Klorane shampoos to everybody, their range is huge and everyone can find the best one for himself. They are soft and natural, not so concentrated, so if you look for a good cleaner better check some professional lines.
Have you tried any of Klorane shampoos? Which one is your favourite?    
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