Sunday, 26 April 2015

6 months of blogging and 6 reasons why I'm doing it

Hello beauties:)

It's been 6 months since I started blogging and I feel proud that I'm still doing it. I am so impatient that I usually quit everything good I start. I want to share with you my top 6 reasons why I'm so much into blogging.

Make up addiction

I've always had a lot of cosmetics. I never felt sorry to spend on Dior lipstick or foundation, there is always Chanel perfume in my collection... I just never thought to share it with others, I feel very happy that I finally started blog and not only writing reviews on brands' sites.


I love chatting about make up, beauty, fashion, travels... And that's what blogging gives - you find people from all over the world with the same interests, different opinions and similar targets. I love seeing people commenting on my posts, agreeing or disagreeing with me, making me more happy about what I'm doing.  


Writing was always my thing and blogging lets me write the way I like, the way I see it... Probably I make a lot of mistakes cause English is not my native language, but I learn and feel free to use the words I want.
To tell you the truth I was not reading many blogs before I started to blog myself. But now I follow and read so many wonderful blogs from all around the planet.


I am far away from being professional at photography. But I know for sure that I love this thing and definitely I'm better now from the point I was when I started. Getting interested in photographing made me learn a lot and I hope to learn more. I finally learnt some things about Photoshop and some other editing places.


These are the things I don't have enough. But I believe blogging helps me with them. I don't find it a trouble any more to sit and write for an hour or read a book without checking my Facebook every 10 minutes. I'm not scared to press that scary button Publish like I was before.


And still blogging is just a hobby for me. Maybe one day it will become a business for me, but at the moment - it's just another thing I like doing. And it combines everything I mentioned above that I absolutely love.

I hope you all have a beautiful sunny day. Thank you for stopping by:)

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