Thursday, 23 April 2015

My destination wishlist #1

Hello beauties:)

Hope you are fine. As I was mentioning before I spend as much time for travelling as I can afford, I believe travelling is one of the best thing in life that can happen. Unfortunately now I cannot afford as many trips as I would like to, so I'm spending time on planning my next trips, looking for destinations, inspirations and impressions. I wanted to share with you some of my top destinations I hope to visit soon. There so many of them for me so I decided to do my posts in some parts and mention only the top ones. In today's post I want to share my top 3 for America.

America (and North and South)


On my top from American continent is to visit USA, cannot really say which place first. It is so huge with such variety of landscapes and skyscrapers. Every corner has something interesting I believe, and the snows of Alaska and the desert of Colorado.
If I ever get the chance to have a road trip around the States, that would be great. If no, and my wishlist must shrink, definitely I will leave there cities like New York and San Francisco, for nature landscapes - Yellowstone National park and beaches of Hawaii.


I've been doing some research about Peru back at my university years, and I was really impressed of the heritage this country has. On my top, of course, is Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of New World, the amazing centre of Inca civilisation. It is not the only place of Peru that is worth visiting, country preserved the most unique examples of ancient American architecture and engineering.

Dominican Republic

Who is not dreaming about some relaxing holidays on the beach in paradise? That's how I see the Caribbean islands, like the most exotic and beautiful place on Earth. Definitely, it's not only Dominican Republic that I would like to visit of all Caribbean islands, but Dominican Republic is famous for that mixture of cultures, historical heritage and highly developed tourism industry.

I have never visited American continent, but I will go with the first chance that happens and hope to visit these places. What  is on top for you to visit?   
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