Tuesday, 14 April 2015

My top 5 most visited posts

Hello beauties:)

Today I'm happy to announce that this my № 50 post. I've been blogging for almost half a year now and it became the best hobby I've ever had. I want to share today my 5 most visited posts.


The most visited by you guys was my February favourites post. The brands mentioned - Kiko Cosmetics, Sephora, The Body Shop and Versace.


Not expected from me but my Review on Insta Natural Youth Express Eye Gel got a lot of views. Thank you again, Insta Natural for sending me this wonderful product.


Sharing with you my bedroom interior was a new experience on my blog. I'm glad you liked it. You can check it out here - What the sweet dreams are made of 


The post about the famous and expensive nail polishes got a lot of attention, thank you guys!!! If you like to check it out - Nails Inc. Worth the price?


The last in my top 5 is My small Italian pleasures where I mention my accessories bought in Italy.

Thank you guys for supporting me, visiting my blog and leaving your comments. I appreciate that really much and it inspires me for new stories, pictures and journeys.
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