Saturday, 18 April 2015

Sephora makeup brush cleaner

Hello beauties:)

When it gets to cleaning my makeup brushes I feel so bored (not only me I believe). So during my last visit at Sephora I saw this little bottle which promises to be antibacterial daily brush cleaner with no need to rinse. To be honest the thing that made me buy it was the price, with an offer it was less than 2 euro.

For the lazy person like me it's a great find, it does its job really good. It's very easy to use - after spraying it few times straight into the bristles of the brush I just wipe it with clean piece of cloth or paper towel. It smells quite good - like a pear to me, it has a slight smell of alcohol but it's not annoying or anything. The brushes can be used right after cleaning.
I'm really happy about this purchase, it's very convenient for the mornings when you have no time but you want to be sure your brush is not full of bacteria. Anyway, from time to time I try to clean them more properly - with gentle shampoo and warm water, but for every day I love this spray!

What do you use to clean your brushes? Thank you for stopping by:)    

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