Saturday, 13 December 2014

Christmas tree...oh Christmas tree

Hello beauties:) I was a bit busy these days as preparing to my exams, but, of course I found some time to decorate my house and a Christmas tree.

It's one of my very favourite things, I like it probably more than celebrating my birthday. It helps to bring you Christmas spirit and gather the closest people together.

This year we have white Christmas tree, decorated with red, golden and pink balls, bells, bows and white lights. My favourite thing on that tree is a shell, unfortunately only one, kind of a symbol of Greece for me, but it makes feel that this Christmas I'm celebrating in Thessaloniki.

Love the mess and rush before Christmas... Christmas carols, songs, movies, smell of mandarins' in the house, preparing and getting presents, happiness and love around, cities full of lights and wonders...
I hope you are enjoying pre-Christmas preparations and getting a beautiful feeling and mood of white happy holiday. Thank you for stopping at my blog, always appreciate your comments.

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