Wednesday, 3 December 2014

For long winter evenings

Hello beauties:) So winter has officially started and I'm preparing myself for bigger cold... I'm that kind of person that likes cold, cause I like staying at home, drinking my tea and of course...watching a movie, or even better for now - series. I want to suggest some that I've seen or currently am watching and like it very much.

Penny Dreadful

Beautiful picture of dark Victorian London, full of mysteries and supernatural. If you don't like Twilight kind of vampires or werewolves this will be great for you. In these series you can meet famous British book's characters - Dorian Gray, Victor Frankestein, Abraham van Helsing... Or just enjoy seeing Eva Green, Josh Hartnett and Timothy Dalton. Can't wait for the second season...

Pretty Little Liars

Something less creepy, but more mysterious tv show for today. Well known and recognised, very popular... but still wondering who A might maybe... Personally, I don't get bored, like the actresses, acting, sometimes think I hate the director cause the show is getting too long, but I'm sure I'm gonna miss it after it finishes.

Bates Motel

I like the atmosphere of the show, the picturesque views, creepy and mysterious. The amazing acting - Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore. Don't think anybody could play better this weird mother-son relationship. I like movies connected with hotel-motel stories, they always keep a mystery and make me super interested. The show is not long, it doesn't get slow or boring.

Gossip Girl

Two years passed since the series are over, but personally I can't get over them. I watch it again and again, to find something new. Just worth to see it for outfits, dresses, shoes, apartments, Paris or New York... Love every character and each actor, well done. Who didn't dream of Blair's or Serena's wardrobe? and maybe Chuck or Nate...

Most of the shows I watch are a bit creepy, but that's what keeps me interested.
Hope you liked this post, thank you for visiting my blog. Tell in comments what are your favourite tv series and if you watch the ones above.
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