Saturday, 20 December 2014

Products I regret purchasing

Hello beauties:) Today for the first time I want to review products that I regret purchasing, I don't really like to make posts like that, I would prefer to write always good reviews. But I do have some stuff that doesn't work for me the way I wanted. It doesn't mean that it's bad and I don't recommend it, it just didn't work for me. It's just my personal opinion.

I used to like Wella products very much. I was using their mousses and hair sprays for many years. But after trying a lot of different styling products I returned to Wella cause of a good price and quite good quality, but this time I just got very disappointed. I have a mousse for volume and a spray that claims to hold up hairdo up to 24 hours. The thing I hate about these 2 products is only one and the same - it sticks my hair together and any hairstyle that  I'm trying to create looks really bad and my hair looks very unclean.

The exfoliating shower gel from H&M is very friendly for wallet, but not so great in the shower. I cannot really describe why I don't like it, it smells nice, but I simply cannot enjoy it. I don't think that it really works as a peeling and you really need a big amount of product to create any foam. And it dries my skin too much...

I like Garnier make up removers, but this one is not working for me. It is a cleansing milk for removing make up from face and eyes. It has a beautiful refreshing smell, which I love...But it doesn't remove any make up from my eyes. At the beginning I thought it's mascara (Benefit They're Real) that is hard to get, but I was trying different mascaras and the result was the same. It gets some make up from the face, but still it's needed to wash your face.

The Sephora nail polish... I believe it has a different package now, this one I got a while ago. Also a cheap find, but for this type of price I would prefer Essence nail polish. It goes very nicely and smoothly on the nails, but it doesn't stay at all. After one washing of hands it starts going out.

This quad of eye shadows from Prestige cosmetics is not that disappointed comparing to the products above. The lilac shade is the one that pisses me mostly, it was dried from the beginning and it's not easy to get it out and even if you get it out, it cannot be applied on the eyelid as it is too dry. The brown and light shimmery colours are the ones I like and I use. The black shade is not so pigmented and it doesn't apply so good as well.  

Have you tried any of these products? what is your opinion on them? which are the products you regret purchasing?  
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