Sunday, 23 November 2014

Time for knits

    Hello beauties, hope you are all right:)
    I'm all about Christmas mood and as it got cold in Thessaloniki I took my old good sweaters for use. I picked 3 all time favourite and very different.

    My absolute favourite for winter - blue with deers (I actually love everything what has deers on it). But the most important fact is that it's 100% handmade. It was made by my grandma with all her love and care. I definitely feel it when I wear it.

    Another friend with 'Norwegian' motives. Super warm, comfortable and soft. got it few years ago from Terranova.

    The last but not the least - beautiful pinky sweater, again knitted by my grandma. Love it, fits great with blue jeans.
    Do you like wearing knits? What are your favourite colours for sweaters?
Thank you for reading
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