Monday, 17 November 2014


    Hello beauties:) After relaxing weekend again comes Monday, cold and tiring. And why not to pamper yourself with hot bath and body butter after...
    With upcoming cold weather skin doesn't feel that happy. It needs moisturising practically every day. I cannot say that I have very dry skin, but if I stop using moisturiser for some days, I feel quite uncomfortable.
    I picked summery body butters for fall season - Raspberry Body Butter from Body Shop and Coconut Body Butter from Sephora. After trying different creams, lotions and body butters, these are the best moisturisers for me so far. And when I was planning to write this review, I thought I would compare these 2 products, but I simply cannot.

    For me, they seem very similar, even that I have totally different scents. The texture of Body Shop butter seems a bit harder, it's harder to get it, but it melts instantly on the skin. The Sephora body butter is softer, more like a cream. I always thought that Body Shop butter scent is more lasting, but it's not really true. The scent of Sephora body butter stays around the same amount of hours. The packaging is very nice of both of them. If to look at the price, Sephora body butter wins, it's cheaper, but still, the difference in around 3 euros doesn't change much. Both shops make discounts and offers for these kinds of products. The range of scents and products is huge in the both shops...
    I love both these products, cannot say which one more. What is your opinion on these ones? Which one would you prefer?        

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