Saturday, 15 November 2014

Pupa Princess make up kit

    Hello beauties, hope you enjoy Saturday:)
    Today I wanted to share the kit that I'm using every day for creating my make up.  The beauty kit from Italian brand Pupa. The brand I like very much, and probably the first I met in life as my mother was using one as well.

    Sorry that it looks very messy, but it's because I'm using it too much. So as you can see it contains 6 eyeshadows, 10 lipglosses, highlighter (the one in the middle and used up), blush, 2 concealers (also used up), mascara and black eyepencil.
    As you can guess the concealers and highlighter I liked very much and was using every single day. The concealers, especially the darker one are just great, it covers dark circles and blemishes beautifully.
    The highlighter I've been using to define my cheekbones on a daily basis and it created that beautiful natural glow.
    The blush I'm using every day as well, it's a pretty pinky natural colour.

  The thing I'm not so much excited about is the eyepencil. I believe I used it only once just to try it out and it was an absolute failure. It smudges the same moment you apply it, it's not for creating any lines or defining eyelashes cause it would go everywhere, probably it could work for the smoky eye look, but for me it's a situation that I just don't want to touch it any more. Sorry Pupa, I really like you,but this pencil is not for me.
    The mini mascara is pretty good, it gives nice volume to the lashes. I don't find it comfortable to apply because of the small packaging and definitely it's not waterproof at all, it smudges very easily through out the day.

      So these are the swatches of eyeshadows of the left side of the palette. Absolutely gorgeous colours, greatly pigmented.

    And swatches from the right side. The colours are absolutely stunning. The eyeshadows are very blendable and great as for the daytime nude look, as well as for dramatic night out.

    And the swatches of lipglosses. Beautiful colours, most of them nude. The side colours are more bright. With applying one layer it's quite sheer, but easily can be made as a bold lip look. Love to play with these colours, they look absolutely beautiful. But not lasting so many hours as the eyeshadows.
    Pupa keeps attracting women with their amazing designs for palettes and beauty kits, personally I can not pass by when I see them. Just would love to try them all! And just using it makes me so happy or by seeing this pretty box on my table.
    As a conclusion, want to say that I highly recommend the eyeshadows from Pupa (cause I also have the single ones), they are just great. The face make up products and lip products are also very good.
    Of course, when you purchase the palette or kit, not all products will be suitable for you (what I believe), but as I paid for this one 30 euros, I'm sure it's worth the money. I believe the kit like this is a great present for any woman, Pupa has a huge variety of kits with a lot of different packaging and containing different make up suitable for anybody.
    Thank you for reading:) Please share your thoughts about these cosmetics    
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