Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Benefits we get

    I am absolutely sure that everybody who likes cosmetics heard about this brand and has at least one thing from it.  The brand gets fans all over the planet, probably more and faster than any other. If the shop with make up products has BENEFIT seen from outside, I'm sure it will get successful. At SEPHORA's display with Benefit there are always people.
    What makes it so popular? I would say packaging. Which young girl could pass by these colourful displays with cute boxes with bronzers and blushes, huge variety of products for eyebrows, pictures of girls at Porefessional primer or powder, the eyeliner or mascara that promises to do something unbelievable with your eyes...
    Personally I got by now only 2 products from BENEFIT: Hello Flawless Foundation in a colour Honey and They're Real! mascara. Also in pack of foundation I found the tester of Stay Flawless primer, which I didn't find so nice. Maybe I just didn't understand how to use it, but anyway it was too hard to get it from that small package it was in.
    So I want to get back to the foundation. I was running out of my old foundation, so I went to Sephora without any idea what I would purchase. The girl suggested me Benefit, swatched the colour to my neck and it was perfect for me. The texture is great, I usually put it with a make up sponge and it blends very nice. You can create a very light coverage or more full coverage depends how you like it or need it. Foundation lasts for many hours. It has a slight scent, but it's not annoying at all. I am absolutely satisfied with this foundation.

    I didn't buy mascara the same day, but eventually I got it also. At the beginning I didn't like it all. What I want from mascara is volume, but while using this one I could see only some additional length. I compare all the mascaras to my number 1 must have Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils, and I simply cannot find anything with similar effect. I know that millions of girls and women all over the world adore this mascara. I'm just not that much into it. I was trying to like it, and can say I like it more now than from the beginning. The big plus is that it doesn't smudge and stays in place for whole day. 
    Thank you for reading:)

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