Saturday, 22 November 2014

Christmas wishlist

    Hello beauties:) I believe it came this time of the year when all thoughts and dreams are just around the Christmas. The stores are getting filled with gifts and Christmas trees, and not only children make their wishes to Santa. I'm sure that every adult has that corner at the soul which believes in wonders and fairy-tales. Personally I feel very blessed at this time of the year. And it's not about getting or making presents, it's about to give love and to be loved, the best gift in the world...
    As I live in Greece now, I don't see snow any more... And I miss this thing very much... and so I made a small wishlist with the things I would love to get this Christmas, and some of them just would remind me about cold freezing snow...

    1. Polar star rubber coated case from Oysho
    I saw this super cute beauty case at the store and told to myself that I just want it so bad. I can see how my small make up items just perfectly fit in there. But I had enough control over myself not to buy it, I decided to tell Santa about my small desire.

    2. Deer Sweatshirt (Oysho)
    Again at Oysho I saw this cutie. Christmas is all about deers for me. It is so soft and nice, you see this thing and imagine yourself reading a book by fireplace at a cozy warm room, drinking some hot tea.

   3. Fir Tree print pants (Oysho)
    I believe this would be the best combo for the sweatshirt above. Again the same picture in my head - fireplace and tea, and a Christmas tree in the room.

    4. Frosted Pastels Palette from Body Shop
    My another wish. Would love to have this one just because of the packaging, these small snowflakes and hearts make me feel so happy and warm. And as a big fan of Body Shop I'm sure the quality of eyeshadows wouldn't disappoint me. It has also a palette with some different colours (pinky-lilac) very pretty as well. But when I see this freezing blue combining with warm brown, I imagine myself as an artist...

    5. L'Occitane 'Delicious Almond'
    Another dream for me. Saw this online, but again stopped myself from buying, even I know it has a good offer. But it stays as my wish for this holiday season. The luxurious set for body care contains almond shower oil, almond milk concentrate, bonne mere milk soap, almond supple skin oil, almond delicious hands. The best way to pamper yourself and feel like a queen after almond care.
    So, I picked 5 most wanted items for me at this moment. Hope Santa will see it and make my wishes true.
    What are yours most desirable items for upcoming Christmas? Hope all your wishes come true. Have a nice weekend.      

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