Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Krakow.Winter. Love.

    My first trip this year was to a beautiful Krakow. Not my first time at this city, but first with my husband. It is such a charming European city, and especially in winter, when everything looks like in a fairy-tale. The atmosphere is unforgettable. The smell of coffee and just baked breads, the noise at the square market full of beautiful souvenirs, friendly Polish people and amazing historical heritage make Krakow fantastic destination for holidays.

    Feeling great while exploring the castle. It has so many exhibitions that is not possible to see them all in one day. I didn't visit all of them, but visited a lot. And it's definitely worth it. It has so many royal rooms full of art masterpieces. 

    On me that day: Zara beret, Orsay coat and Sfera pants. Everything warm and comfortable, perfect for January in Poland.

    Just feeling loved.

    After interesting excursions throughout the city, comes the evening, the time of lights, stars, kisses, warm drinks and amazing food.  You can eat straight at the square: roasted pork, sausages or grilled vegetables (if someone is vegetarian). The smells and the crowds around don't let you just pass by.

    After tiring day, time for some shopping...All the exhaustion is gone. Recommend for everybody - Galeria Krakowska, huge mall with all the brands you might desire, food places and cafeterias. Right in the centre of the city. At this time of the year we could enjoy the main Christmas tree and the open skating rink just in front of the main entrance.

    And that was a time for a final cocktail:) Love you Krakow, see you soon...
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