Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Summer adventure

    Day after day of November I keep thinking about my summer holidays... the unique nature of Chalkidiki. Not less beautiful than any Greek island, but on the mainland, just around an hour drive from busy Thessaloniki. A huge variety of places for quiet escape or partying at the beach... 

    I've been so many times and lived a summer at this part of Greece, but every time I come back  and tell to myself that there is no place like that.

    Personally, I'm in love with the second part of the peninsula (second leg as Greeks call it) Sithonia. The untouched nature, hidden beaches in between the rocks and cliffs, pine tree smell in the air, not so crowded with tourists and not so many resorts built... On the pictures above I'm at Neos Marmaras village, the central place for Sithonia with some big hotel complexes. Amazingly beautiful resort with great views.

    If you have a chance to go to Chalkidiki and you can't decide about the place to eat, go and try Greek seafood. It's absolutely amazing, restaurants and tavernas around usually offer fresh seafood. My favourite dish is grilled octopus. Just few years ago if you tell me that I will eat octopus, I would never believe you.

    Enjoying amazing sunset at another place of Chalkidiki that I absolutely adore - Nikiti. Very, very romantic place. And very special for me...
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